Ultra-short pulse mirrors enable minimisation of disturbing thermal effects

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Ultra-short pulse mirrors enable minimisation of disturbing thermal effects

Edmund Optics® (EO), in cooperation with its partner company UltraFast Innovations GmbH, now offers new highly dispersive ultra-short pulse mirrors for 1030 nm with reduced thermal lensing effect. The mirrors prevent disturbing thermal effects that can impair the output power of ultrashort-pulse solid-state lasers.

Ultra-short pulse lasers are particularly susceptible to thermal lensing effect, where heat can deform the gain medium or optics in the cavity or create an altered refractive index. This can affect the performance of the laser and even prevent mode coupling to produce a pulsed beam. Advances by EO’s partner UltraFast Innovations (UFI) in the development of highly dispersive resonator mirrors mean that optics with only negligible thermal effects are now available.

The standard mirrors for 1030 nm ultrashort pulse lasers exhibit extremely low thermal effects, strong negative group delay dispersion for pulse compression and at least 99.5% reflection of p-polarised radiation over a bandwidth of 50 nm and are available from stock. Custom mirrors are also available on request.

Visit www.edmundoptics.de to learn more about highly dispersive mirrors with minimal thermal lensing effect and their potential to improve the performance of high power laser systems.

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