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New version of the Calypso metrology software

Calypso 2024 is the new release of the metrology software from Zeiss. According to the company, the update will contain many new features as well as improvements for various user groups. The software analyses data obtained with tactile and optical measurements from Zeiss coordinate measuring machines.
For the use of optical sensors in combination with coordinate measuring machines, the software supports the evaluation and analysis of optical data with many functions, according to the provider. With the new reflection correction, the software reportedly increases the robustness of edge detection, for example, as the influence of surface refinement is reduced. In addition, the mosaic function provides users with a new option for creating a large image from various images, for example for identifying large QR codes.
A new shape and position library allows users to create inspection plans from product and manufacturing information (PMI) in Calypso 2024. In the context of quality assurance, this means, for example, that the CAD model of a component is enriched with shape and position tolerances. This information serves as a tool for users to generate unambiguous, repeatable and comparable measurement results.
According to the supplier, this year’s release of the software also supports the combination of the Zeiss Linescan optical sensor and a rotary table for 4-axis measurements. This should reduce the number of positions required for the Zeiss RDS detent swivel joint. According to Zeiss, it is not necessary to reorient the sensor.
Improvements have also been made to the additional software options. The measurement of contiguous curves with Zeiss Calypso Curve has been improved and new filters for freeform surfaces in Zeiss Calypso Freeform have been added.

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