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New management at Bte Bedampfungstechnik

Bte Bedampfungstechnik and Born Coating are a jointly managed medium-sized companies based in Elsoff / Westerwald that specialize in the development and manufacture of optical coatings. Today, almost 100 employees coat optical components for customers from high-tech industries such as automotive, sensor technology and medical technology. More than 30 years after the company was founded, the previous managing owner Reinhard Born retired from the management on 1 April 2024. Since then, two long-standing employees have shared the management of Bte Bedampfungstechnik and Born Coating: the previous production manager, Ansgar Link, and Damian Janczyk, head of electrical engineering. Link has been with the company for 28 years, Janczyk can look back on 20 years at Bte.
“As a team, we look forward to focusing even more strongly on the requirements of the market and our customers from now on,” say the two new managing directors. “Without the trusting and often long-standing collaboration with our customers and business partners, the positive development of the last three decades would not have been possible. We are seamlessly building on this.”
“It was an enriching, exciting time that I look back on with great pleasure,” summarizes company founder Reinhard Born. “Now, after many successful years, I am pleased to hand the company over to competent hands from within our own ranks.”


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