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UV mini-spectrometer the size of a fingertip

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces the C16767MA, a cost-effective UV-sensitive model in its of mini-spectrometer micro series designed for the manufacture of low-cost environmental sensing devices. According to the company, the mini-spectrometer was designed and developed using proprietary MEMS technology and innovative opto-semiconductor manufacturing technology. The mini spectrometer resolves UV light in the range of 190 to 440 nm with an accuracy of 5.5 nm and simultaneously measures the light intensity. The dimensions of the device are 20.1 x 12.5 x 10.1 mm3 with a weight of 5 g.

Previously, the sensitivity of the line sensor of these mini spectrometers was reduced towards shorter wavelength UV light. This limited their use to analysis tasks in the visible spectral range. According to Hamamatsu, they therefore improved the photosensitive surface of the line sensor in terms of UV resistance and also optimized the integrated diffraction grating. They have also developed a filter on the line sensor that suppresses the scattered light that occurs when the UV light is broken down into different wavelengths.

According to Hamamatsu, although there are already inexpensive, compact water quality measuring devices that are installed in large numbers at measuring points in rivers, lakes and seas to monitor water quality and that mostly use photodiodes as detectors, these water quality measuring devices are limited in terms of the number of substances they can detect. Expensive analyzers can detect several substances at the same time, however, these expensive analyzers are often large benchtop devices that are not designed to work in the field. So the collected samples must be taken to a laboratory for analysis.

Hamamatsu is also planning to further develop the small, low-cost mini spectrometers of the micro series in order to be able to offer such devices for the infrared range as well.

Hamamatsu cites integration into compact water quality monitoring devices as an example of an application. Installation in rivers, lakes or oceans makes it possible to check and analyze the content of various pollutants and components in water using absorption spectrophotometry.

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