Professor Hönle Prize for Barbara Hopf

Professor Hönle Prize for Barbara Hopf

Dr.-Ing. Barbara Hopf, Head of Product Development at LASER COMPONENTS, was awarded the Professor Hönle Prize by Munich University of Applied Sciences on 22 April.

Due to Corona restrictions, this time the honour took place on the Internet as part of the Oskar von Miller celebration. With the award, which will be presented for the first time in 2021, the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Mechatronics recognises outstanding final theses in the fields of optics, lasers and photonics. Hopf received the recognition for her doctorate “Fibre Bragg grating-based multi-parameter measurement for application in high-performance generators”.

Barbara Hopf specialised in the field of fibre technology during her engineering studies at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. After completing her doctorate in 2019, she joined LASER COMPONENTS as a development engineer, where she was appointed head of product development at the beginning of 2021. In addition to fibre technology, her area of responsibility also includes the new development and optimisation of optoelectronic components such as laser modules or detectors.

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