4JET expands its portfolio of laser glass cutting systems

4JET expands its portfolio of laser glass cutting systems

The 4JET Group (Alsdorf) has introduced new versions of its PEARL laser glass cutting systems and installed several machines at international customers since the beginning of the year. The innovations address new areas of application for the laser cutting of glass, which until now has been used predominantly in the production of small to medium-sized display cover glasses in consumer and automotive electronics.

Instead, 4JET’s new solutions enable a range of new applications:

The new PEARL M-UTG system is used to cut ultra-thin flexible glass. The system is integrated into a fully automated processing line and enables the cutting of glass foils up to a thickness of 30 µm with excellent breaking strength at highest yield. The potential applications for flexible glass in growth markets such as consumer electronics, medical technology or the semiconductor industry are enormous.

Recently, several PEARL systems for cutting very large glass sheets or glass stacks have also been installed. The plants are capable of cutting glass up to 2.2 m wide and more than 3 m long. This makes it possible for the first time to use the advantages of laser glass filamentation on large mother glass panes for smart windows, for example.

The 4JET solutions make it possible to integrate the cutting process close to sensitive coating and printing processes by eliminating the need for wet or dusty mechanical scribing and washing processes. Other advantages compared to conventional mechanical cutting technologies include extremely precise dimensional accuracy and the ability to create very complex cutting geometries.

The PEARL systems are based on a granite machine platform that offers inherent accuracy and long-term stability. Cutting geometries can be easily imported from CAD drawings. The targeted tuning of the axis controls results not only in a high cutting speed, but also in excellent path accuracy to achieve highly precise outer contours in the end product. The PEARL DYNAMIC FOCUS ensures that the focus is always within the process window without increasing the process time.

Source and photo: https://www.4jet.de/