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Aluminum coated fiber optics

As a solution for harsh-environment applications – such as in the chemical industry, semiconductor production or nuclear technology – Ceramoptec offers special fibers with an aluminum coating. According to the fiber manufacturer, the consistent further development of the coating properties in terms of thickness, homogeneity and adhesion, as well as the availability of optional fiber jackets made of nylon, acrylate, ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) or other particularly resistant materials, means that the right fiber configuration can be implemented for almost all harsh environmental conditions. The aluminum fibers tolerate temperatures between -196 °C and +400 °C and should therefore be equally suitable for high- and low-temperature applications. According to the manufacturer, they are also suitable for use in conjunction with aggressive liquids, gases or radiation as well as for applications in high vacuum. The metal coating also allows the fiber to be soldered on. As an alternative to the aluminium configuration, Ceramoptec says it offers tin coatings as well as customized designs, for example with polygonal core geometries for energetic homogenization of the beam profile.
The new fiber optics are ideal for high-temperature applications and can also be applied for high-vacuum coatings in the electronics industry and related areas, as well as for fiber optic applications in general, where thermal management plays a key role.

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