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Edmund Optics: new partnership for IR optics

Edmund Optics and ISP Optics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LightPath Technologies, enter into a global agreement for inventory and distribution of more than 500 IR optics. As a global ecommerce distributor, Edmund Optics will provide its customers direct off-the-shelf access to the entire range of ISP Optics’ product offerings. Its portfolio includes lenses, windows, prisms, and more IR optical components in over 15 infrared materials. Edmund Optics states that it brings support for 9 languages, 11 currencies, and access to technical expertise, including optical engineers and global technical support, for help with system integration and custom requests.

According to its own information, ISP Optics manufactures a full range of infrared products. That includes high performance MWIR and LWIR lenses and assemblies as well as precision optical components including windows, spherical, aspherical and diffractive coated infrared lenses made of all types of infrared materials and crystals.

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