ACI: Balancing by laser

ACI: Balancing by laser

The fields of application for ACI laser systems are almost unlimited. They are successfully used, for example, in the material-friendly balancing of rotating components by laser ablation. Our partner PMB – Präzisionsmaschinenbau Bobertag uses our technology with the CAROBA® BALANCER LASER balancing machine to achieve particularly high balancing accuracy and process reliability.

Many rotating components such as electric motor rotors, small fans, microturbines and dental turbines are highly stressed during operation at speeds of up to 500,000 rpm. Reliably good balancing, even with the smallest permitted residual imbalances, is particularly important here. Especially for balancing rotors or assemblies with mounted bearings, two points have become increasingly important in addition to high balancing accuracy and process reliability:

  • Force-free: The bearings and the component are to be balanced as gently as possible.
  • Chip-free: Under no circumstances may a chip get into the bearings or electronics of already assembled blanks.


PMB Präzisionsmaschinen Bobertag solves these requirements with a laser from ACI. This is used in PMB’s CAROBA® Balancer Laser balancing machine and offers the optimal technology for this demanding application.

Advantages of balancing by laser

With the laser, we have a tool for ablative (subtractive) mass correction that can keep up with our highly accurate measurement.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Precision and reproducibility
    Highly accurate and reproducible removal down to the smallest residual imbalance masses
  • Force-free
    No forces or vibrations occur during material removal.
  • Chip-free
    The resulting laser dust is extracted and filtered directly at the point of origin. Bearings or other sensitive components remain clean.
  • Free of erosion field
    Whether round, square, triangular, oval or … – the removal field is freely selectable and can therefore also be adapted to complex workpieces.
  • Automation capability
    Balancing is fully automated as standard. The loading/unloading of the machine is manual and can be additionally automated on request.

Source:, Photo: PMB Bobertag